Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jungle Camp Day Two

First thing this morning, after breakfast, we took a walk through the jungle. It is amazing how dense it is out here. Dense and quite. We didn't see too many animals but did see some neat trees and flowers.

This is a bit hard to see but this is a tree that fell during a hurricane 10 years ago. The trees branches have continued to grow because the roots are still in the ground.

The trees look like a tunnel.

We arrived at the canopy tree. This is a large Seba tree. They hoist you up using a harness. Once at the top, there is a walkway that you can walk around on and get a panoramic view. This is ideal for looking for birds early in the morning. We didn't get there early enough for this though.

Here comes Mike...

We both made it to the top. I don't think those little helmets would save our heads from being crushed like a melon should we have fallen. But they sure look cool huh?

This is the base of our canopy tree. These are amazing trees!!!

This was a long day so I'll save the rest for later.

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