Thursday, October 23, 2008

Edifice Fall Festival

Last Saturday was our annual Fall Festival at work. It is held in our parking lot. This year's festival was much more enjoyable than last year's. For starters, I'd only been working here for about a month last year and really didn't know anyone that well. This year we had a Ferris Wheel (Eric, the owner was giddy about that). I'm not a fan of the Ferris Wheel in general, much less one that is toted from place to place on the back of a truck. However, Mike wore me down and we rode it and I lived to blog about it. It did have a nice view of uptown at night.

All the employees and many owners and subs came along with their kids. The kids had a bouncy slide thing and there was face and pumpkin painting. There were two video game consoles set up. The kids (and many uncoordinated adults) played Guitar Hero and the Wii Sports games. There was a cake walk for prizes and a best beard contest. The fellas at the office grew beards for about a month in preparation. There were clowns, magicians, and a bluegrass band. It had all the Fall Festival 'musts'. This is a picture of my co-worker, Candace, and her adorable little boy, Lance:

And finally, there, of course, was food. Eric and a co-worker stay the night in Eric's RV in the parking lot tending to two whole pigs on the BBQ. There was BBQ, thanks to the two pigs, chicken and all the fixings. Mike loves the grilled corn-on-the-cob...yuck!! There were lots of hungry guests. This is all that was left of the pigs...warning...not for the vegetarian reader...

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Susan said...

That's awesome! Sounds like good times & good eats!