Monday, October 13, 2008

Edifice Tribe "Run for the Hills"

Eric, the owner of Edifice, put together a motorcycle ride that included any employee that wanted to go and a few subcontractors. We left from work on Friday morning and rode to Hiawassee, GA. We stayed two nights in Hiawassee and came home on Sunday. Friday was pretty much spent getting to GA. Saturday we rode all around the area and enjoyed the scenery and the views!!

We went to the famous 'Dragon's Tail' at Deal's Gap. It's NC/TN best known motorcycle road. It claims to have 318 curves in 11 miles. We rode it and I'm not sure I counted 318 curves?? But now we can all say we've 'ridden the dragon!'

We also stopped at NC's last virgin forest. There were some HUGE poplar trees. The only thing was we had to walk a LONG ways to get to these trees!! Let's just say, once you've seen one big tree, you've seen them all...maybe except for the Redwoods, which I have yet to see.

On Friday, after we arrived in Hiawassee, Mike and I took a little side trip before dinner. We rode to Helen, GA. It was about 30 minutes away. I read a story in the Observer a few years ago about Helen, GA and I've always remembered it and wanted to go. So, this was my chance. It is basically a tourist trap, but the town looks like an Alpine Village.

Edifice built a church about 2 years ago in Hiawassee so we attended services on Sunday morning before we headed for home.

There were a few 'incidents' along the way, we were only the cause of one. The shield for my helmet blew off on Hwy 74 going towards Hendersonville. Mike and I turned around and we saw it on the road. However, before we were able to get turned back around to get it, a big 18-wheeler came along and needless to say, the shield was no more. No biggie, I bought another helmet in Hendersonville (I needed a new one anyway!). One guy dropped his bike and then tried to ride off with another group of riders (we got him back though). Then on Saturday one of our group set the fire alarm off at the hotel. He burnt his toast, but he likes it burnt!!

I need to take a brief moment to say just how generous Eric is. When he said he wanted to get a bike ride together, I thought, OK, this has been a slow vacation year, Mike and I can afford to go. Well, I underestimated Eric. He paid for EVERYTHING but the gas!! How fantastic was that!! I really do work for a great company with a great owner. He really does try to take care of his employees and is very generous with his money!!

Here are a few more scenic pics:

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