Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Fall TV Schedule

Well, some new shows and some returning shows have premiered in the recent weeks. Since I am a fairly big TV watcher, I thought I give you my opinion on the shows I'm watching.

This is a new show on Fox from the creators of Lost. I am really loving this show. The storyline is a continuing mystery with a different mini mystery to solve each week. The characters are enjoyable and easily likable. It only makes since that I'd like this show since I love Lost. My only complaint so far is that the over-riding mystery of the show is still a little vague and is very slow to be explained.

The Mentalist
I have only watched one episode and I'd say it was only so-so. I really like Simon Baker's character, but I really don't like the female lead detective. She was on the first season of Prison Break, she was a lawyer. Anyway, her voice is too whiny and she seems to be too frail to be a tough, hard core detective. So, she isn't very believable. The Mentalist's 'talents' seems to be a bit lame right now too. He is supposed to be very observant and can thus pass as a psychic, but so far, that hasn't been too convincing. I taped last night's episode, so I'll give it another shot.

Prison Break
I am no longer a die hard fan. Last season was the beginning of the end. I really thought the storyline was lame and the way they broke out of prison #2 was just too corny. The start of this season put the nail in the coffin. When Scofield had all the tattoos on his chest and arms removed in one sitting without anesthesia, that was the end for me. Come on, how stupid can you get?!?!? The whole first episode was just dumb in my opinion, not to mention that I thought the acting was just terrible. I'm really tired of the 'whisper talking' that Scofield does. So, although Mike still watches, I no longer pay it any attention.

Finally, my tried and true reality shows are back, The Amazing Race and Survivor. Although I swore off 24 toward the end of last season (I didn't even watch the last couple of episodes), I may have to give it another shot. The commercials look intriguing and the storyline appears to be very different from the 24 standard. Jack doesn't appear to be running around L.A. in record time saving America from impending doom.

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Susan said...

Ok...I watch none of those shows. The only one I make a point to watch are The Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars. And last night on DWTS one of my favorite professionals got kicked off cause he was paired with lame-o Kim Kardashian :(