Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

Well, we thought, one family Christmas gathering just wasn't enough, why not do two!! On Christmas Day we had the Ford Family to the house for our usual Christmas lunch. Since I was the host this year, that meant that I had the 'opportunity' to provide the meat. I was nervous, but really, how bad could I mess up a pre-cooked spiral cut ham?!?! The ham turned out fine and everyone else brought a side dish and dessert. The food was great. I especially loved the candied yams that Susan made. After dinner, we opened presents. I really loved my gifts!! Mike has a reputation of taping every inch of Annette's present, so it's impossible to get into. Kathy got him back this year. She wrapped his present with duct tape. Ha Ha!!! Thanks everyone!! Then Robert and Annette and I took the dogs for a walk. We needed to walk off lunch so we could eat more dessert!!! Isn't that really what exercise is all about!!!
Little did I know, but Susan and Joe had to leave. Poor Joe was not feeling well at all. I hate that we didn't have more time to visit. I talk to or email Susan regularly, but we don't get a lot of face to face time :(. Also, Kathy and Reiggin split during my walk too (maybe the ham wasn't as good as I thought). They needed to go to Reiggin's parents house to visit. I was sad to not get more time with my adorable niece Virginia. I'm sure Kathy was relieved though. I have no kids of my own, so my kid handling skills leave a little to be desired...but I haven't dropped her yet!!

Long story short, I didn't get any pictures of Susan and Kathy. You'll just have to take my word for it that they were there. However, I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit with my Aunt and Uncle, Robert and Annette as well as Mom and Dad and Grandma and Pa. These are the pics...anyone notice any themes with the pictures...all are with the fireplace as a backdrop! I promise to have more 'natural' pictures next year.

Robert and Annette...what a cute couple!!

My adorable and sweet, sweet Grandma and Pa!

And finally, Mom and Dad. I didn't want to break the camera so I took a far away shot. I kid because I love!!!

We loved having everyone over and we look forward to having everyone over again soon!!


Susan said...

yeah that really sucked that we had to take off so soon but trust me joe REALLY needed to get home! coming straight from your house to mine only took an hour and 10 minutes so that not bad at all. your house is beautiful and oh yeah the ham really was good! we'll have to get together again sometime soon when we have more time to hangout. thanks again for hosting.

reiggin said...

The ham was delicious!

Annette said...

Wonderful house for entertaining and just about anything else. You guys did a good job! Thanks for having us.

Sue said...

Melissa, so hapy that you had a nice Christmas. I sure miss you and your whacked sense of humor! Let me know when you ar in Charlotte and maybe a few of us can get together for lunch!!