Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

Since this was our first Christmas in our new house, we wanted to host the annual Wike Family gathering on Christmas Eve. Mike's mom is the usual host of the Christmas Eve party, but she was gracious enough to defer to us for this year. She was also gracious enough to supply the vast majority of the food. I think she was really just scared of what we'd end up with if it was left entirely up to me!! :) The usual suspects were here (Mike's sister and her family, his aunt, his uncle and his family, and one of his cousins and his wife). Conspicuously absent was my niece's fake boyfriend...'he had to work!" Sure, whatever!!! Brandon, my nephew, brought over his Wii and it was the hit of the party. We really had fun playing. I bet here were some folks with sore bowling shoulders on Christmas Day. As usual, everyone was more than generous in their gift giving. We really feel blessed to have such a loving family...we love you all!!! Here are the highlights:

Ashleigh was very excited to get this jacket from her Nana!!

Mike's Mom and Dad and his aunt Linda.

Our nephew Brandon and his sweet girlfriend, Joni.

Brandon wanted, and got, an electric drill. We really don't know why he wanted the drill?

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