Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Been Awhile

I've been neglecting my blog lately. But there really has been nothing to blog about. I was hoping to have some cute pictures of my nieces to post today. However, our trip to Grandma's house was cancelled due to the impending blizzard. I really really hope it snows. I want to wake up tomorrow morning to 6 inches (minimum) of snow. Mike and I went out this morning looking to buy a sled. We have some really good sledding hills in the neighborhood. However, there were no sleds to be found. Wal-mart said they haven't had sleds all winter long. So, I'll be really disappointed if it's good sledding snow and we're stuck on the sidelines.

Looking for sleds made me think about the sled we had as kids. It was awesome!! You'd sit in it and it had a back rest and you'd put your legs out flat. There were handles on each side. You'd pull the left one up to turn right and the right one up to turn left. We lived at the top of a pretty good hill so we had a prime spot for sledding. We actually had some pretty good snows when I was a kid. I have fond memories of sledding with my dad and sisters. I'm sure all my sisters remember Dad putting the sled in the creek in the woods!! That was classic. I remember sledding down the hill in front of my house and somehow getting turned around and hitting a tree with my back. It knocked the breath out of me and everyone at the top of the hill was just yelling at me to hurry back up the hill with the sled, but I couldn't say a word.

One of my favorite pictures of our family was taken in the snow with our neighbor's dog, Rosie. I think that picture still sits on my parent's chest of drawers. We lived in a great neighborhood where we played outside all the time with the neighbor kids (and their parents, as I remember).

Some more memories from the old neighborhood...acorn fights (Dad could really pop you with an acorn)...kick ball (first base - utility pole, second base - odd spot in asphalt, third base - mailbox, home plate - yet another odd spot in the asphalt) and rolly bat...Susan making the neighbor kid touch a hot stick used to stoke the burning leaves...riding bikes...playing in the woods...locking Kathy out of the house in her panties and a tee shirt (hee hee hee!)...the rope swing behind Chris's house....kool-aid pop sickles in the summer...swimming at Sarge's (that was probably a mistake in hindsight)...

Those were the good ole days.


The Great Subeanie said...

First off I love the new background! What a great blog!!! We had the best time as kids! I don't think neighborhoods exist like that anymore. I am sitting here laughing at all those memories. Of course I remember Dad putting the sled in the creek & you laying breathless at the bottom of the hill while we all yelled at you to get up! However I don't remember other peoples parents playing with us...I'm pretty sure it was only our Dad. Ahh yes, locking Kathy outta the house...what fun! And she talks about only having one boring! What would she have done without us! By the way, it's not my fault the neighbor boy was dumb enough to touch the hot stick! And Sarge's...yeah probably not a good idea! Thanks for the memories! See ya next week.

Annette said...

Your mom tells this about the time when Susan was very little. Myra told Susan she could not go outside and play because Rosie was not tied up. So
Susan, barely old enough to use the telephone, called up Susie's people and asked them to tie her up, then asked again if she could go outside. Anyone remember that?

Sue said...

Melissa, what great memories of your family!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I really need to do some reflecting on my own "kid" memories. Thanks for the good read :)

Melissa, A.K.A. Lisa said...

The Great could I forget about The Great Subeanie!!! Funny!! I don't know the story about Susan calling the neighbors about Rosie.