Sunday, March 15, 2009

My New Favorite Thing

I LOVE the re-usable shopping bags at Wal-Mart. When they first came out, they were just out of my price range. They cost a whole dollar!! I knew I could wait it out and get them for cheaper. They recently dropped the price to .50 cents. Bingo, I'm on board. I've bought three. They are awesome!! I got all my groceries in two of those bags (almost, I had one thing in a third bag, and I bought Mike's sodas at Food Lion this week ($1/2-Liter, bargain!) - so not all my groceries, but all my Wal-Mart groceries. I hated getting all those plastic bags before. It would take forever to get them in the house. Now I can get the groceries in the house in one trip. I would highly recommend these bags. They make my weekly Wal-Mart experience ALMOST bearable!!


Lisa said...

I'll have to check out our Walmart here. I keep thinking about making the switch to reusable canvas bags for shopping (especially since CA keeps threatening to impose a tax on using paper or plastic bags), but the ones at the grocery store are pretty small and don't look like they hold very much.

All your groceries in 2 bags? Wow, that's encouraging for me! Thanks for posting this.. I'm all about good deals and you really can't beat 50cents!

Annette said...

And to think I paid full price, one dollar each, for my four Ingles reusable bags. Now if I can just remember to get into the store with them.

Sue said...

Yep, our Walmart has not put them on sale yet :( Have you seen the IKEA bags? Man, you can get a house in them and they are only
$.59!! I don't know how your shopping trips go, but I usually do it by myself and I also hate bringing those plastic bags in, but the worse is that the groceries slide all over the back of the car right out of the bags!!!