Friday, July 24, 2009

Jacob's Field

Err, sorry, it's actually called Progressive Field. Which is right beside Quicken Loans Arena. Good grief, kinda takes the nostalgic feel out of going to the ballpark huh.

But I digress. Mike and I were in Cleveland last weekend (don't even ask why). We drove up on Saturday and back on Sunday. Luckily, the Indians were in town so we caught a ballgame. We really enjoy watching baseball and it's always fun going to different parks.

The Indians were playing the Mariners. Both teams pretty much suck so the game wasn't too interesting. There wasn't much to cheer for if you were an Indian's fan. Regardless, it was an entertaining evening.

Side note: It has really gotten hard on blogger to post pictures. It takes forever to load. Then, it places all pictures at the top of your post. So, you have to drag them down to where you want them. Which usually isn't too bad. But now when you try to drag the picture, the screen doesn't scroll down with you. So, you have to drag and drop, scroll down, drag and drop, etc. Sorry, I'm ranting!!


susan said...

I've been there. Well on the outside anyway. We went to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and while we were there we drove by the stadium.

Sue said...

Pain in the arese to do anything these days on Blogger! I agree.