Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th, 2009

This is where it all began!! One year and one hundred post later...we've come full circle. A lot has changed since this time last year. Mike and I have a new house. I have a new job. And, the biggest change, I have two adorable little nieces!!

We went to my Aunt Annette's house again this year. They live in Hendersonville and I just love it up there. They have a great lot with a great view. Uncle Robert has done so much landscaping, it has made the place just so neat!!

Everyone (except Reiggin) made it up the mountain. We grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs. There was a ton of great food. Of course, everyone just competed for the babies attention. You practically had to beat my mother away from the babies!!

Both babies were very good. Samantha was especially good given the fact that she was teething.
I have lots of pictures to post so I'll probably do it in a number of different posts. These are some pics of Robert and Annette's, or more correctly, Robert's, yard and some pics of the babies at the house.

Now, some people pictures:

A happy (and drooling) Virginia.

Grandpa and Samantha are up to no good.

After the families left with the babies, we took a short trip to Jump Off Rock. I'll post pictures of that later.


Absolutely Kathy said...

Love the pictures. The picture of Dad and Sam is just to cute. Those sunflowers were gigantic. The 4th was great getting to see everyone. I can tell Mike is so ready for his weekend babysitting duties. Just let us know and we will drop Virginia and Sam off any time. lol

Sue said...

Great photos...especially ove the sunflower one. So glad that you enjoy your family. There is nothing like family!!

Anonymous said...

Robert"s garden??? Indeed!!! Okay, he does 80% of the grunt work and all of the trails. We really enjoyed having everybody here at the same time. Too bad Reiggin had to work. Hope he can make it next year. Maybe we can plan another get together in late September/early October. Leaves will not be pretty yet, but it's still nice then and not too close to Thanksgiving. Might be a good time of year to climb the mountain at the end of the street. The trail is short, but intense.

Sue said...

Those babies are dang cute!!! Miss ya!!