Wednesday, August 19, 2009

4th Annual Baltimore Baseball Trip

Well, once again, we made our annual trek to Baltimore to catch a few games of a weekend series the Angel had with the Orioles. I say it every year, but I just love going to that ballpark. If you haven't been, you should. It's not too far away.

The past 3 years we've driven up on Saturday, saw the Saturday night game and Sunday afternoon game, then driven home Sunday night. That makes for a long weekend!! Well, this year, we went up on Friday, saw Friday and Saturday night games, and came home Sunday. Staying two nights makes all the difference. It was nice to get home about 4pm rather than a little before midnight.

As usual, the Angels won one and lost one. At Friday's game, there were three brothers (ages 11-6??) sitting beside me. The parent's and one grandparent sat behind them. Those boys put away the food!!! Let me recap what they ate:
  • hot dog
  • hamburger
  • nachos
  • cotton candy
  • slushy thing
  • lemon freeze thing
  • ice cream

By the end of the game, the littlest one literally could not sit still. The parent's were a little annoying in that every time a left handed batter came up, they'd say "Watch the batter!" This was important because we were first row behind the 3rd base dugout and could potentially get a line drive foul. After 9 innings of hearing that warning, the kids and I both were a bit tired of it. After Friday's game, there were fireworks. All and all, it was fun as usual.

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