Monday, August 24, 2009

P.A. Countyside

On the Saturday we were in Baltimore, we had all day to kill before the baseball game that night. So, of course, Mike had found some dirt roads that weren't too far away in Pennsylvania. So, as if riding for 7 hours to Baltimore on a seat that the CIA could use as a torture device wasn't enough, we spent pretty much all day Saturday on the bike too.

We did find the dirt roads Mike was looking for and it was fun. I also really enjoyed the peaceful country paved roads we rode as well. I just loved the old barns out in the middle of the fields, so I snapped a few pics as we rode past.


Lisa said...

Neat pics! How fun!

I like hearing about all of your fun adventures, I'm jealous!

Sue said...

Love all your off road photos!!! My favorite ones so far!! You need to start a "off the road"!!