Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cute Baby Pictures!!

I had a brief visit with my nieces on Friday after work. Susan made a last minute decision to come to Troutman to see Kathy and Virginia. I went by Kathy's house after work. I couldn't stay long because Mike wanted to go see the Statesville Criterium. Though there for only a brief time, I took lots of pictures.

Samantha had a handful of Mommy's hair...she thought it was hilarious (as did I) !!

Look at the angel face!!

Samantha is such a funny and inquisitive kid. She was lots of fun to play with.

Virginia had a bit of a love affair with the computer monitor.


Annette said...

You have to admit, this family has some gorgeous babies!

Sue said...

Cute cute cute!! Love to take baby pics!

Susan said...

Cute kids!