Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heard While Watching the Cowboys Game

In addition to the never ending 'updates' on how his fantasy team was pounding my underperforming, sorry excuse for a fanstasy team, I got to hear the following:

We had to watch the game on mute because of a certain announcer who will be named later:

"The officials gave the Titans 14 points!!"

"Phil Sims is a dumb ass!!"

He emailed CBS to complain that Phil Sims is a dumb ass.

"The officials only call penalties against the Cowboys!!"

"If they overturn this call I'm throwing something at the TV!!"

"It was the officials fault that we lost to the Redskins!!"

"He can run for Miles and Miles and Miles". A not so clever reference to Dallas receiver Miles Austin.

"Phil Sims is a dumb ass!!"

"I'm gonna stop watching football."

And my personal favorite:

"Break him in half and then jump on his face!!!"


Susan said...

"SubWeanie" can't stop laughting! The whole "break him in half" quote is hilarious. I might use that later.

Absolutely Kathy said...

That is too funny!