Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Mother Land

Last trip post!!! We left Banff and headed back to the States. On the road to Idaho, four rams crossed the road right in front of us. We'd never seen these before on any of our travels. We'd been seeing signs warning about them but had yet to see any. We pulled over and did a little stalking. It was exciting because they didn't care about how close we got. They crossed back across the road and climbed a bit up the rocks. They just stared at me as I took pictures.

We stayed the night in Spokane, Washington. This was my first time in this state. We got up the next morning and heard some brief weather report that mentioned there was a wind advisory. Didn't really think anything about it. Well, we sure were thinking about it as we made our way to Seattle. This was hands down the worst time either of us has ever had on a bike. We've ridden in rain, snow, heat...but this wind was horrible. It was actually scary at one point. I've never really been scared on the bike before either. I've ridden on the back of sport bikes at track days and haven't been scared. This wind would literally move the bike around. We pulled over to take a break just before we crossed this bridge.
It was a very slow drive the rest of the way to Seattle. I was sooo glad to finally get there. We spent two days in Seattle.

We didn't go up in the needle because it cost $18 a person. What a rip off!!

This is the waterway in downtown Seattle.

This is the famous Pike's Place Fish Market. It was kind of hard to find. It reminded me a bit of the markets in Morocco.

There were lots of vendors selling flowers. They were very affordable. A bundle like above was $5-$10.

We watched what looked to be a homeless guy play chess with someone else. They were really good. It was just a neat thing to see. You don't see that in downtown Statesville.

We flew home from Seattle. It was a great trip with everything from the remoteness of Alaska to the big city of Seattle. I can't wait for our next adventure.

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