Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Mull

Our niece, Asheigh, got married this weekend. We used to tease Ashleigh that she just made up this supposed boyfriend of hers. Jason, her now husband, was always 'working' whenever Mike and I were around. Well, I guess she showed us. She went and married this fictional boyfriend. Asheigh is a genuinely nice, sweet, caring young lady. Jason seems like he's a good guy who loves Asheligh very much. We, of course, wish them never-ending happiness.

The wedding went off without a hitch (as far as I could tell). Ashleigh looked beautiful, as always. The family did surprisingly well. I just knew there would be lots of waterworks but everyone seemed to hold it together. Ashleigh and Jason seemed to be enjoying themselves and didn't look nervous at all. The kids in the wedding party were entertaining but didn't steal the show.
Ashleigh and Jason drove away from the church in a very cool classic Mustang.

They actually just drove around the block and came back to the church for pictures.

The light is bad but this is Mike's parents and the proud grandparents.

The proud father of the bride.

The happy couple leaving the church to a shower of bubbles. Of course Mike splashes Ashleigh with the liquid from the bottle rather than actually blowing bubbles. At least he didn't hurl the actual bottle at them.

Ashleigh trying to stuff her dress in the car. I don't know if you noticed, but Jason is a rather tall fellow. He looked a bit cramped in the car too.

The wedding party. There were 8 attendants and six kids. WOW!!

This cutie was a 'miniature bride'. She wore a mini replicia of Ashleigh's dress.


Absolutely Kathy said...

Great photos Lisa! Looks like it was a nice wedding.

Susan said...

Very pretty. Glad everything went well for them. Thankfully they brought my car back without any scratches!

Sue said...

AWWWW. Great pics, Melissa. I especially like the one of the little girl :)