Sunday, October 23, 2011

Carolina Ballonfest

This weekend was the 38th balloonfest in Statesville. This is the longest running balloonfest in the country. There were 51 hot air balloons at the event. I volunteered to work at the event on Saturday. I sold food vendor tickets from 11 - 3pm. Thank goodness I had a partner because it was very busy. I did have time to take a picture of the Ghostbusters though...

These three were just walking around the event. It was hilarious.

After my shift Mike and I decided to go drive and park right outside the event to look at the balloons as they had their afternoon launch. We ended up being in the perfect spot to see the balloons.

We then drove down the road a bit and that's when we really got a good view of the balloons as they flew right overhead. We had the top down on the Jeep so it was perfect.

Then we went to get pizza and the balloons were still all around so we got a good view of them as they landed any where they could.

There was perfect weather this weekend for the event. There were so many people that they had to stop letting people in on Saturday. We really had a good time watching the balloons. They were so pretty and it's not something you get to see everyday.

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Annette said...

Looks like great fun as long as I am not the one in the balloon.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! So pretty.

Susan said...

I told Joe you mentioned it (after the fact) and he informs me that Samantha requested the same hot air balloon video over and over again all summer. I had no idea or we probably would have made a effort to show up. The pictures you got were awesome.

Joe went to Frugal MacDoogal's the day and there was a huge crowd. He didn't know why but when he got closer there was Echo 1 from Ghostbuster's, the Ghostbuster dudes and Dan Aykroyd signing autographs. He thought it was cool...

Absolutely Kathy said...

You got some great pictures. I remember how cool it was in our first house, we could sit on the front porch and watch the balloons fly over. Reiggin told me that alot of times the balloons would land on his mothers and grandparents land. Sounds like you had a good time, I really want to make it to the event one year.