Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festival

Saturday I went down to Fort Mill to visit the Millers. It was time for some quality time with Samantha. But first we had to eat lunch at her favorite place, Jersey Mike's. And she knew just what she wanted, a turkey sub. I tried to get her to call Mike and tell him where we were going because it is his favorite place too, but she was a bit phone shy.

The Fall Festival was a bit disappointing. Not only was there no face painting but Pickles the Clown wasn't there either. But Samantha is only 3 so she is easily entertained.

This was hard work.

Playing in the kiddie maze. This, surprisingly, was very entertaining for her.

Cutest pumpkin I saw all day.

No matter how many times she threw it in the hole, she reacted like it was her first time every time. I think she just liked Susan and me cheering for her.

Last thing we did was take a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch. Susan made sure Samantha only picked out a pumpkin she could carry. Smart. After turning her nose up at the first ones we found, she ended up wanting those in the end.

The kid is lots of fun and is very silly!! She'll be a great big sis! It's always fun seeing Samantha. I do love her!!

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Annette said...

Looks like a great time!

Anonymous said...

What a good "auntie" you are!!