Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Colors

Sunday we took the Jeep to the mountains. We were hoping to see some of the Fall foliage. We took the Jeep because we figured the Parkway would be too crowded to be much fun on the bikes. We rode with the top down, even though it was a bit chilly.

Once we got on the parkway the leaves were awesome. I took these pictures standing up in the Jeep as we went down the road.

We also took the Jeep down some of the dirt roads off the Parkway that we've ridden the bikes on before. I really am loving the dirt roads. It feels like it's our little secret. They are so pretty and no one is on these roads but us (mainly). There are miles and miles of dirt roads off the Parkway between Linville and Lenior.

These pictures were taken from a dirt road just off the Parkway.

Needless to say, all that dirt and dust you see behind the Jeep did find its way into the Jeep.


We also had a hitch hiker too...

It was really great to see the leaves today. So beautiful. It is nice to live so close that we can make a short ride up there in a day. Hopefully we can make another ride up to the mountains before the leaves all fall off.

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Absolutely Kathy said...

wow all the photos look amazing. I want to make a trip up to the mountains soon. Hopefully before all the leaves fall. I am also glad you didn't fall out of the jeep taking photos. We missed you at the birthday party, but it was great eating lunch with you and Mike. virginia the whole way home was saying go back!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Who cleaned the jeep afterwards? Mom