Monday, April 4, 2011

Flying High

This day Mike and I rode by ourselves to Arica. It was a short ride and so the group wasn't going to leave until about 11:30. We just wanted to head on out and see what there was to do. The road was pretty interesting. It looked to me like we were surrounded by big mounds of sand.

I didn't like it one bit as it seemed like we were riding just at the edge of this big mound of sand with no guard rails and lots of wind. I just wanted down.

Once we got into Arica we just drove around the town checking out the locals. It is amazing just how poor they appear to live. I say appear because you'd see kids getting out of school wearing their uniforms (which indicates a private school) and then they'd walk home to houses that would have been razed in the States.

We drove to a high point of the town to get a good look down.

Then Mike gets a wild hair that he wants to go hang be continued.

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