Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sights Along the Way

We are in Peru now.

It took like 3 hours to cross the border. They had you going all over the place to get paperwork stamped by various people. Most of these people seemed to have jobs created for no other reason than to give people a government pay check. We went to two people on a row to get stuff stamped and they didn't look at a single thing on the paperwork, just stamped us and we moved on.

Once we got over the border, within 30 miles we'd had to stop at two checkpoints. Good grief!!! At one stop, the cop made us go into the building and he took his sweet time recording our passport info in a manual ledger. There was a little store at the checkpoint and we surmised that his wife probably owns it. Peru was not impressing so far. The main difference was the sand looked gray rather than tan.

We were headed to Lake Titicaca the next day. It was a bit rainy and we got separated from the group as everyone stopped to put on rain gear. We saw this motorcycle cop as we headed out for the day.

The ride was pretty nice.

We saw this swinging bridge and had to stop. It doesn't look very big but it was still kinda scary. It moved a bit and I was ready to get off.

We stopped at this little town to wait on the group. This truck went through the town yelling something on a load speaker. I guess it was advertising food for sale. The lady carrying something on her back is actually carrying a baby.

We drove though the poorest, saddest town we'd ever seen. It's hard to explain without you actually having been there. The conditions were just decrepit. The roads were terrible, the air was filled with diesel fumes and it was very trashy.

There were tons of these little tuk tuks running around town.

This is a blurry picture but I think you can get the gist. There were dogs going through the trash. Unfortunately we had to come back through this town the next day and there were people going through this same pile. Very, very sad.

We did finally get to Lake Titicaca and it was beautiful.

The lake is famous for being the highest navigational lake in the world. Furthermore, there are people that live on floating islands on the lake.

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