Monday, July 28, 2008

3rd Annual Baltimore Baseball Trip

We drove to Baltimore this weekend (actually we drove part of the way on Friday) and saw our favorite team (the Angels) play the Orioles. Baltimore and Tampa Bay are the two closest American League cities to Charlotte. We usually go to Baltimore because Camden Yards is a such a great place to watch a game.

This year we stayed at a Hampton that is right across the street from the stadium. This was much better than riding the light rail line to the stadium. On Saturday we went to batting practice. We had great seats for both games, two rows behind the Angels dugout. The Angels won Saturday's game but lost Sunday's.

It rained, more accurately it poured, before the Sunday game. We had our raincoats, so we didn't mind. We were just happy that we were able to enjoy our favorite treat before the game. A food vendor outside of the stadium makes crab cake sandwiches and they are the best. We were looking forward to that all weekend! We got three...Mike ate two! After the game on Sunday we drove all the way home (7 hours!) and went to work on Monday morning. Now that's dedication!!

This is the view from our hotel room:

A few pictures of our favorite players:

Finally, this was the strangest (& funniest) thing we saw all weekend. The guy sitting two seats down from Mike slept through the entire Saturday night game. We had to wake him up to get by to go to the concessions!


Susan said...

That is too funny! Nice view from the hotel. I'm glad to see you FINALLY posted a new blog. I was starting to get mad cause I didn't have anything to read while I was at work.

Anonymous said...

SO COOL!!! Glad you had a good trip.

Our favorite team (Braves) is not doing so well right now. I think someone has put a curse on them.