Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Hate My Builder!!

Sorry, but this one will not be very entertaining to read. We met with the builder at the house yesterday and the realization finally hit me that hell will freeze over before our house will be done on time. Mike asked Jeff ("Loser Builder") if we were on schedule to be done on time. Loser Builder's response was "I don't know, when is it supposed to be done??" Are you kidding me!!!!! We've only been on his case since before day one about getting it done in 9 months. Of course before we signed the contract this was "No problem!". About the time Loser Builder made that comment, I thought I was going to pass out, literally. But that's another story (I gave blood yesterday). Extreme Home Makeover is in Charlotte this week and they are building a house in 80 hours and I can't get my house built in 9 months!!

We are supposed to close on our construction loan and convert to the final loan on October 22nd. So, if we don't, there is a penalty for every day we go past the original closing date. Not to mention that our lease at our crappy rental house is up at the end of October too. Have I mentioned that I hate my Loser Builder??

I haven't really gotten too mad or depressed about it until now. I know there is nothing I can do about it, but when you sit down and think about all that is left to be done, you just know that at the snails pace that Loser Builder works at, it's not going to happen. Since the sheetrock was put up TWO weeks ago, essentially nothing has happened on the interior. The brick mason decided to make an appearance at the house a few days so far this week. So, that was impressive! It is just really really frustrating!!! Oh well...I just wanted to vent. I think now I'll just sit at my cubicle and pout all day, thank you very much! :(

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