Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yana: King of the Kong

Just had to pass along pictures of my crazy dog Yana. Yesterday she was unusually restless when I got home. So, I decided to tire her out by playing with her Kong. She absolutely LOVES that toy. She is obsessed with it and will chase it and play with it until she passes out if I'd let her. She refuses to stop playing in order to get water. So, she pants very badly and sounds like she could drop at any moment from dehydration.

The good part is she entertains herself with the Kong. She'll lay down and chew it and it will inevitably pop out of her mouth. When this happens she jumps up, stalks and then pounces. She then proudly trots back as the conquering huntress!! Then the whole cycle starts over again. She's nuts (but adorable!). Luckily I have the crazy pills now so I doped her up and put her to bed and she forgot all about her obsession!!


Susan said...

Too funny! We used to have a couple of kongs...don't know where they are now but my dogs weren't interested unless there was peanut butter inside!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear my "granddog" is doing well. . . . or as well as can be expected for Yana.

Ya gotta love her.


Absolutely Kathy said...

Love the pictures of Yana. She is so crazy. I think to just to be fair that Foggy needs some blog love also.