Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby Shower #2

Today we had a baby shower for my sister Susan. She is due in January. She is expecting a baby girl, Samantha. Her best friend since forever, Lezlie, hosted the shower. She, Kathy, and I planned the shower. We played some shower games (one went well, the other, not so well) and had some good food. I thought her cake was adorable. It looked like her invitation. She got lots of good gifts that should be put to good use soon. Kathy brought Virginia, her two month old baby girl, and she was a perfect angel. It was fun and that should be the last baby shower for a long time!!

Three hot mamas!!! Or, two hot mamas and one hot aunt!! BTW, Kathy looks great so soon after having Virginia.

Diaper cake and real cake - both adorable!!!

Susan and her BFF, Lezlie.

The real star of the shower, Virginia!! She's tired after all that entertaining!!


Lisa said...

That cake sure looks pretty!

Susan is such a cute pregnant woman!

Susan said...

Being fat & pregnant sucks! I can see it in my face. But those are good pictures though. Can you send them to me?

Absolutely Kathy said...

Yeah I do not miss being pregnant. But then again I do miss being able to sleep though the night. I can't wait til you have Sam and I get to hear your stories.

Annette Hudson said...

The diaper cake must have taken hours. Very impressive!