Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Creosote is the Enemy

Never heard of creosote? Neither had I...until yesterday. Mike has a wood burning stove in the basement. It is his baby and he loves it. Mike's Mom said he has always had a love of the fire. So, we just started to burn it 24/7 on Sunday. It is supposed to help heat the house. Well, I was bringing some wood in from the stack in the backyard yesterday and I noticed a black substance on the chimney. Upon further inspection, there was a ton of this stuff weeping out of the mortar and running down the chimney. Come to find out, this is probably creosote. It is a by product of a wood burning fireplace or stove. However, this product should not be able to seep out of your chimney out onto your brick. It should be contained in the flue liner of the chimney.

Needless to say, we called the builder and of course he'd never heard of such a thing. He called the brick mason and of course there is no way under the sun that this could be happening. Mike's parents made an emergency visit to the house to check it out and they too had never seen such a thing before. Great! Well, this must be fixed. The builder is to come by and look at it today. In the meantime, there will be no more using of Mike's beloved wood stove until this issue is resolved.

This is what our chimney looks like:

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Susan said...

That's really crappy!