Saturday, November 29, 2008

Near Death Experience

This morning I took the dogs for a walk. I decided to go a different way than usual. I guess this is really where the trouble started. I should have just stuck to the usual path. Anyway, we turned down this cul-da-sac that runs pretty close to our house. We were about half way down the road when this dog comes running out from his open garage and I can tell this is not going to be good. More preciously, my first thought was "Oh, S*%t!!" Foggy doesn't like other dogs so he was going crazy and Yana was oblivious. We've always wondered what Foggy would do when actually confronted with a real fight. Well, I was about to find out. Let it be known, that we were not in crazed dogs yard and were attacked in the yard across the street.

I, of course, didn't respond correctly. I should have jumped in front of the crazed dog and kicked the crap out of it. But my initial response, other than of course screaming at the top of my lungs like a lunatic, was to try and reel Foggy in on his retractable leash. Well, crazed dog went after sweet, innocent, bewildered Yana. After taking two bites at her rump, Foggy put him in his place. Foggy went after crazed dog and he backed off. By this point, I realized that I may have to kick some dog ass. Luckily crazed dog seemed to be scared of Foggy.

Crazed dog just stood at a bit of a distance and snarled at us while I tried to get Foggy untangled from his leash. Then I proceeded to yell at crazed dog "Where the hell is your owner!!" I waited and no one came running out of the house to get crazed dog or to apologize profusely. So, I started to walk away. Well, I wanted to walk away but my legs were literally shaking like a leaf. Once I got it together we walked away. That's when I realized that Yana's rump had been bitten and she was bleeding. Mind you it was a small puncture wound, but that's when I lost it. I started crying and was super pissed. I was marching home and was going to get in my car and come back and kick some dog owner ass. Then, my knight in shining armor rode up on a white horse (or maybe it was a white Tahoe). Mike had heard the commotion because he was out in the yard blowing leaves. I was really really glad to see him. He went to crazed dogs house but no one was home!!! NO ONE WAS HOME!!! They left crazed dog on the loose while they're gone for the weekend.

This same crazed dog came up to our fence one weekend. This is the exact reason that I wanted an actual fence and not an electric fence like the architectural committe wanted. An electric fence may keep my dogs in but it doesn't keep others out. That would have been really bad if we wouldn't have had a fence.

Anyway, we got home and Yana and I cuddled and I had a good cry over the "what if" scenarios that kept running through my mind. It's not over, we will be having a face to face conversation with crazed dog's owner. We went back later to get a picture of crazed dog outside of his yard.

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Absolutely Kathy said...

that is super scary. I'm glad yana and you are ok. Foggy was super dog it sounds like. And the dog's owner does need a talking to. I mean what would have happened if he attacked a child. Glad to know you are all safe.