Monday, November 10, 2008

A Fate Worse Than Death

This morning was utter chaos!! First, I put my sweater on this morning and it had a huge hole on the shoulder. Weird! I was running late and had to get gas, of course. Then, 77 south was backed up at Exit 36 and it was already 6:50. I have to be at work by 7am. Oh well, no one's there by 7am anyway, no one will know if I'm late. Then, the hammer drops...Mike calls and I have both sets of car keys to the Lexus. Now, to the uninformed reader, one may think this is solely my fault. While yes, I do take partial blame, Mike needs to shoulder some of the blame too. The Lexus has one of those smart keys. You don't have to get it out of your purse, it senses the key and unlocks the door and you can start the motor without inserting the key. Well, the battery in Mike's remote is dead...sorry, has been dead for at least a month. Therefore, we have to switch keys out whenever we need to drive the Lexus. Well, I drove it yesterday and forgot to put his keys back. So, I say it's partly his fault.

So, at 6:50, I have to turn around and head back to Troutman. Here's where the 'Fate Worse Than Death' part comes in...I had to drive 77S with all the other mindless losers trying to get to work by 8am. It was bumper to bumper traffic from Exit 28 all the way to work (Exit 10). I seriously contemplated ramming my car into the truck in front of me and ending it all. I would be even less stable if I had to do that everyday. You can't pick a fast lane. You get in the left lane, the right lane is faster and visa versa. It must be the devil at work!!! Now, lucky me, since I got here late, I have to stay until 5pm and experience torture even Jack Bauer couldn't endure twice in one day!!!!


Sue said...

Melissa..that is too funny!! Sorry about the keys. See,you should have stayed closer to Charlotte where your friends are..ha,ha,ha!!Miss you, girl!

Absolutely Kathy said...

That is just crazy. I hope you get home and can relax tonight! And yeah I can't stand 77, I don't know how you drive that far every day without going nuts.