Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I went to my parents house after work yesterday. They recently had hardwood floors installed so I went to check them out. They really looked nice! I think it really makes the house look great. Dad is having the installers come back to replace one board. I looked at the board pretty closely and didn't see a dang thing the matter with it. But, it's his money and if he doesn't like it then he should have it replaced.

They also just got back from a trip to Niagara Falls so I got the low down on the trip and checked out the pictures. I'm really glad they took the trip. Now that everyone is out of the house, I hope they continue to take more and more trips. They had some really nice pictures and it seemed like they had a good time.

Talking about the Niagara trip got us talking about other family trips. We couldn't decide if Dad drove the big van to Florida for our Disney trip or if we took the station wagon. Then I was struck by a memory of sitting in traffic in the station wagon in Florida and Susan, my sister, farting and blaming it on the Big Mac she'd just eaten. So, that solved that mystery. Let that serve as a warning...Big Mac's will cause 8 year old girls to fart!!

Mom took pity on me and let me eat a nice home cooked meal. It was much better than the dinner for one I had planned for myself. I left at about 6:30 and traffic was terrible on 77 north. The reason for the delay was my personal favorite...a wreck on the other side of the interstate!!!! UGH!! But because of the delay I did get to hear one of my favorite songs from the 80's, the theme for the TV show Greatest American Hero (look it up)!

It's always good to visit with Mom and Dad...love ya Mom and Dad!!!


Susan said...

Big Mac's do make you fart...I swear!!

reiggin said...

no, it's the fries. mcd's fries make you fart. the big mac just greases the pipeline.

sorry for the mental images.

but it's true.