Thursday, August 28, 2008

Follow Up

Just to follow up on my post from yesterday...Loser Builder actually handled the situation the best I could hope for, short of apologizing. He said he would replace all the sheetrock that got wet and any insulation, if necessary, at no cost to us. He actually called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that they had completely shingled and flashed the cricket that was built behind the chimney...which should have been done before my house got flooded...but better late than never.

I was exhausted after getting no sleep Tuesday night and I was literally in bed by 7pm last night. Man do I feel better today!!!


reiggin said...

When your house is completely finished and "Loser Builder" is no more involved, you need to write one hell of a scathing blog and out him with the full name of the company, making sure to link that name to his company's website. This will insure that Google finds your blog entry and anytime that someone searches for his company, your blog entry will be featured in the results. It's a good way to send some (well-deserved) bad publicity/reviews his way.

Annette Hudson said...

You all look great with all of that pink. Sorry I could not be there. Obviously everyone was having a great time. Sure do enjoy your blog!