Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Virginia's Shower

Saturday my sister Susan and I hosted a baby shower for our younger sister Kathy. Mom was gracious enough to let us borrow her house for the shower since neither of us have a descent home of our own (sad, I know!). Kathy is due in about 4 this shower was not a moment too soon. I have to take a moment to brag on Susan and myself. Above is the baby shower cake (adorable!) and the table of food offered to the guests. Susan did a lot, OK, most of, the cooking and she did a great job.

Mom to be, Kathy, with Great Grandma to be!! My Grandma is very worried about Kathy and Susan having what they need as they become first-time mothers. She is just too sweet!!! We all love her and Grandpa so much!

Here are the three Ford girls!! Mom didn't get us centered in the picture and I couldn't figure out how to edit it to fix, yes, I know it is not centered. But that doesn't take away from how cute we look. Well, at least they do...notice Susan's ever growing baby bump. I think she looks just adorable. Everyone was amazed at how good Kathy looked. She really hasn't gotten too big and she has really looked great throughout her pregnancy!

Here is Kathy with all her loot. Everyone was very generous and she got lots of cute stuff. All the ladies love the baby clothes. There were lots of "oohs and aahs"!

The shower guests were Ford family members, except for our Aunt Annette (we missed you!), Mom's friends, and a few of Kathy's friends. I think the shower went well and everyone had a good time. I think that for our first attempt at hosting a baby shower, we did a pretty good job. Now, I've got to start planning for Susan's shower!!


Absolutely Kathy said...

Man I was so close to beating you on making the blog post about the shower. Oh well. You did do a better job at placing the photos. I have given up on doing that unless Reiggin is around and he will place them correctly. But for the important part you guys did a great job. Everything was perfect. Now I am just worried about living up to these expectations for Susan's shower.

Susan said...

I must admit we did do a good job! Everything went well and Kathy gots lots of good stuff.

On a different note...did your house hold up in the rain over the weekend?

Melissa, A.K.A. Lisa said...

Yes...the house remained dry...although I don't remember getting that much rain this weekend. I think you got more rain than we did.

Lisa said...

Seriously, that cake is FANTASTIC!

Kathy and Susan look so cute pregnant!

Oh, and have fun in Cali.. I know you guys will enjoy it.

Poppy said...

These are lovely pictures!! I love this baby shower cake too...