Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Pictures!!

What a cutie!!!! My sister Susan and I met our niece Virginia for the first time on Monday night. She is just too adorable for words!! I mean, look at that face!! She's so tiny, you just want to snuggle her close to you.

As soon as she was born she was taken to the nursery to receive oxygen. She was having some trouble breathing. While Susan and I were visiting the new parents, new mom Kathy was able to hold her precious new baby for the first time in the nursery. It was a very sweet moment and I feel honored that we were able to be there.

Only parents and grandparents are allowed in the nursery so Susan and I were bummed! We were really wanting to hold the little cutie!! Lucky for us, soon after Kathy was able to hold her, she was able to come off the oxygen and was brought to the room for the first time. Then new dad Reiggin was able to hold her for the first time also. The family will be going home today to start their new lives together...

First family photo!

Mom and sweet!!!

Proud new aunts...Susan and Lisa (I look like a natural, I know)!

Kathy is such a loving and forgiving person, Virginia is lucky to have her as her mother! Kathy may miss sleeping in but I know she wouldn't trade being a mother for anything in the world.

Not much longer and sister #2 (Susan) will be a new Mom too...only 3 1/2 more months and there will be more newborn pictures to post!! Can't wait!!


Susan said...

Ok...what kind of a goofball face am I making?!? But Virginia is too cute!

Sue said...

And when can we expect YOU to be showing pics of a new baby??? HUH???