Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Tough Being Me

So far this is how the week has gone:

Sunday: I took the dogs for their weekly walk. Of course, Yana had to relieve herself in a neighbors yard. Luckily, I was prepared (this time, sshh!!) and had a plastic bag to scoop the poop. But I was not feeling too hip about carrying the bag of poop around the rest of the walk. Lucky for me, I spotted a trashcan that had already been pushed to the curb for the next day's garbage pick up. I thought...Score!! It's early, I took a quick look over the right shoulder, then the left shoulder...looked like the coast was clear, so I went for it. Real quick, 1, 2, 3...lift lid, deposit poop, close lid. We're off scott and poop free...or so I thought. I took 2 more steps and looked to the left and right across the street from the now poop filled trashcan was a neighbor sitting on his front porch looking right at me...oh well, busted!!

Monday: I found out that I am NOT the favorite daughter!! Yeah, that's right...My mom and dad were supposed to come up and check out the progress of the house. But Mom called early Sunday to blow me off. She said she was just too busy after a long weekend of partying. However, I found out, from an anonymous source, that while she was too busy to make time for me, she wasn't too busy to fix lunch for my sister Susan and her husband Joe. Mmmhmm...that's right...I found out!!! At least I know where I stand now...second favorite, sorry Kathy!!!

Tuesday: It was just one of those days. Everything I touched was just going to pot. I was having a breakdown and I yelled across to my co-worker "I think I'm going to start taking my dog's crazy pills". Just as the words were out of my mouth, a Project Manager appears. He said, "I didn't hear a thing". So, he now thinks that I'm a nut job that takes my dog's crazy pills!! Perfect!!!


Absolutely Kathy said...

I beg to differ I think I am number one daughter. I am the baby. And I rock! LoL. I hope your week goes better you are going out to Cal. for the weekend that should be fun.

Susan said...

Go ahead and fight amongst yourselves...I know where I stand!

Hey Kathy...since you "rock" so hard why don't you go ahead and rock out those thank you notes :)

And finally, please enjoy your trip, it sounds like you need some serious relaxation.

Absolutely Kathy said...

Well Susan you know Mom always did have a special place in her heart for special ed kids thats why your number one lol. And I am getting right on top of those thank you notes. Dork