Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boring Weekend

I wasn't feeling much like blogging today but I just got some good news. I mailed a very important package certified priority mail last Saturday. As of today, I still had not received a confirmation of delivery. I just thought to check on-line and it was delivered and signed for on Sept. 3rd!!! Yippee!! So, I figured I'd do some blogging, but then I realized I really don't have anything to blog about.

It was a pretty uneventful weekend. We, of course, went by the house. Oh I must tell you, we purchased a coupon on Ebay that was issued by Home Depot to their employees for 20% off any purchase up to $3,000. Well, since we're not employees of HD, we were told that Lowe's would accept the coupon. Well, they did. We paid about $15 bucks for the coupon and saved about $100 bucks on our purchase at Lowe's. We've already purchased another coupon!! That was neat!! If you are going to have any big purchases, I'd look into buying a coupon. The ones we've seen expire on 12/31/08.

Anyway, we dropped some stuff off at the house and spent about an hour picking up construction trash from around the house. Man it was hot!! We had to, or Mike had to, push the wheel barrow from the backyard to the construction dumpster in the front yard. It is a slight up hill climb from back to front. After that little bit of work, we were wiped out!!

Sunday was pretty unproductive as well. However, I was extremely excited to purchase a pair of jeans at Kohl's. I have the worst time finding jeans that don't have a big gap in the back or that aren't so low that I can hardly keep them up. I tried on two pairs and both pairs fit tight around my waist and minimized the size of my butt (bonus!). Man, that was so exciting. I hate trying on 10 pairs of jeans and having none fit right. That was about the most exciting thing that happened this weekend.

Now, I'm just waiting until we leave for L.A. on Thursday!!

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