Monday, August 11, 2008

My Dogs are Weird!!

I don't know what was up with my dogs this morning, and really starting last night with Foggy. Foggy didn't eat his dinner last night. I only feed him once a day so you'd think he'd be hungry. He was going to sleep in the bedroom with me last night, but he got kicked out. I could hear his tummy growling!! So, I went and brought his food bowl into the bedroom but he didn't touch it. Then he kept putting his front paws up on the bed. So, he got kicked out real quick. But I did put his food outside the bedroom so he could eat.

Well, I got up this morning and he still hadn't eaten. That seemed pretty strange to me. But, whatever. So, I go to get Yana up from her 12 hour sleep. She is acting weird too. She doesn't want to come out of the garage to go out. Instead, she decides to go sit in her dog house (yes, it's still in the garage)! Fine, I just keep the door to the garage open thinking she'll eventually come out into the house. But, nooo. After I make my breakfast, I have to go drag her out and forcefully put her out of the house.

Then I put Foggy out and of course NOW he wants to eat, but he wants to eat Yana's food. I usually try to feed them separately but with Yana's antics this morning, that didn't happen. So, of course, the next thing I notice, Foggy has Yana pinned against the sliding glass door and is trying to do damage. So, I go out there to keep Foggy away from Yana's food. Well, Foggy must be really hungry (you think??) because he starts whining because he wants her food and he kept trying to come at her food from all angles, like I can't see him?? So, I just put the food in the house and let those two crazy dogs go hungry. I bet Foggy will eat tonight when I get home.

They are just weird sometimes!!!

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Susan said...

I'm calling DSS for dogs!!! What kind of mother are you...letting your dogs starve...