Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday with the Family

Sunday Mom and Dad had everyone over for lunch. As always it was good food and good company.

Mom loves having her picture made...that's another thing we have in common!!

Everyone was just so thrilled to have their picture made for my blog. My husband was especially enthusiastic!! He's sitting on the couch with Reiggin and Kathy, not too long after the picture was taken, Reiggin was put to sleep by our rousing conversation!

Last, but not least, Susan and Joe...more willing picture participants!! Joe was trying to look intellectual by posing with the book. However, I think the dopey look kind of ruined the image he was trying to project.

As author of the blog, I am free from the torture of pictures. I get to inflict torture upon others...they love it!!!


Susan said...

Ok...Joe looks retarded!

Annette Hudson said...

Total relaxation. Total enjoyment. What could have been better on a Sunday afternoon?