Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chile, Here We Come

Today we entered Chile but before we got to the border there was some really fun riding. These pictures are at a scenic overlook that shows part of the road we just rode up.

After this it was a short drive to the salt flats. This was so cool!!!! I'd never seen anything like it. We drove the bikes right out on the lake. And yes, it did taste like salt.

Me and Fukundo, one of our guides. He is so so nice and has a great smile.

There were holes in the salt, as Mike is demonstrating here.

There is water underneath the salt and man is it crystal clear.

After this fun, it was off to the border.

Here we are with a friendly border guard.

Check this bike you think they have enough stuff?

Getting out of Argentina was a breeze but getting into Chile was more of a challenge, but still not too bad. It was not as modern as Argentina and they opened all of the luggage. This is the border crossing.

We made it though and stayed the night at the border town of San Pedro.

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Annette said...

Whoa! Those salt flats look awesome!

Lisa said...

Seriously.. the salt flats look amazing! How fun!