Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On The Road Again

The group was off to Purmamanta today. We went down part of the road that Mike and I took yesterday. We did stop at the sight of an old waterfall. It was pretty neat to see where the water had worn away the rock.

Check out this sweet ride...

We stopped for lunch in Salta. This is a pretty big city. These are a few sights from the city:

The rest of the day I don't have too many pictures because I was hanging on for dear life. We were on a really tight, narrow road.

There was a slight mix up (or so we thought) with our hotel. We got there and were told that we didn't have a reservation. The tour guide went up the road and was able to get us in at another place but we would have to share rooms. This hotel had cabins and the couples were to share a three room cabin. After I had taken a cold shower, we were told to change cabins that we each had our own cabin. The tour guide realized that this was the place we were actually supposed to stay!!!! It was a very pretty place with a great restaurant. I had the best dessert there that night.

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