Friday, March 25, 2011


Nothing really interesting happened yesterday. This was the most exciting thing we saw all day.

Yum, half a cow!!!

Today was the first good day of riding. Unfortunately it started out a bit rainy but it cleared up at about lunch time. We started to get into the Andes Mountains in the Salta region of Argentina. When it wasn't foggy or raining, it was really nice. The roads were twisty mountain roads but they were really bumpy with lots of potholes. We told our guide from Argentina that he needs to pay more taxes.

Pretty good huh??? That's because we were stopped to get gas. This was also at the gas station.

This picture makes me laugh!!

There were cactus along the road. That was unexpected.

There were a few water crossings. This was a more tame crossing. Mike, of course, made a big splash. We got water on our helmets the 'wave' was so high. That reminds me, Mike got hit in the helmet by a bird today. When we stopped at a light we noticed that he had a few feathers stuck on his helmet. The bird did not make it.

Our buddy Stanley dropped his bike today in a sharp curve. That's the Stanley story for today. Oh yeah, he did ask the waitress when she brought our drinks 'what took you so long?'.

A few more mountain pics...

Salta also has lots of wineries. We are staying at a winery that has a hotel. This place is plush!!! Really, really nice. They have fresh water or juice for you when you get here as well as refreshments. Check this place out...

They eat dinner late here. Some restaurants don't even open until 9 pm. If you know us, that's almost bedtime. We are getting ready to meet for diner at 8:30. I think I'll have try the local wine. We'll check in tomorrow.

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Susan said...

That llama looks like someone I know...

And that pool appears to need the waves from a big ole cannon ball!