Monday, March 21, 2011

It's the getting there that sucks!

Sitting at a restaurant in the Miami airport watching some basketball games. Have to pay for the Internet, that sucks. Oh well, we've got 5 hours to kill.

Had to trek all the way to the other side of the airport. My shoulder bag must weigh a ton. I had to lug a backpack that contains my helmet. Then I've got this other bag I'm carrying with all our 'stuff'. Mike carried it for a bit and said he was surprised that the thread still held together it was so heavy. He said he didn't know I was so tough!!! I need a massage after that journey.

We are now in Buenos Aires and have already changed airports. No one warned us but if you had an American, Canadian, or Australian passport then you had to pay $140/person to enter the country. They conveniently took American Express. Not to worry though, that fee is good for ten years. The flight over was 9 hours. Did I sleep? No. Am I irritable? Yes. Do I look like crap? Oh yes! LAN was the airline we flew. They are out of Argentina. Let me tell you, the foreign airlines are much better than the US airlines. The seats were better. The food was better. It was even served with real utensils and plates. There was free wine and beer!!!

This was the view from the airport. You can see the city in the background. We were told that about half of the population of Argentina (20 million) lives in Buenos Aires.

Local drink. It had a citrus flavor to it.

We flew into Iguazu Falls. Again on LAN and again they had free snacks and drinks. The airport was very small. Look at the picture of our plane on the tarmac, it's the only plane around.

Our tour guides met us at the airport and warned us to be careful with our skin, in other words, "my God, have these people never been out in the sun?".

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