Monday, March 21, 2011

Iguazu Falls - The Real Deal

Yesterday was just a teaser. Today was when we really got a good look at just how magnificent these falls really are. We took a boat ride to the foot of a portion of the falls.

Of course the point of the trip was to get drenched and drenched we got. It was much better than the boat ride at Niagra. The weather was just beautiful and so we got some really nice photos. I'll try to just show the highlights, but it's hard to pick just a few as they are all so good (it's the subject, not the photographer).

The rest of the day we spend walking the trails and looking at the falls from all different vantage points. We saw some nice animals along the way. That reminds me, when I got up this morning and went out on the balcony, I saw about 5 toucans in a tree just off of the balcony. So neat...

Our other animal friends...

We took a train to another set of falls, Delderado (not even close to the correct spelling). Once you get off of the train, it's a pretty decent walk along some catwalks out to these falls. This was the most impressive part of the day if you ask me. The power of these falls was just unreal. And you were so close. I loved it!!!

We also couldn't resist getting the bike out so we rode into town. That was nice to see the real stuff, not the hotel, park stuff. We'll be on the bikes tomorrow and we're ready to get going.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! What an adventure! Can't wait for the next posting.

Mom and Dad

Absolutely Kathy said...

That is awesome! Looks like you two are having a blast. Can't wait to see all the photos when you guys get back.

Annette said...

Is the third animal an ardvark? (sp)