Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gas? Who needs gas?

Today had lots of 'incidents'. First, take a look at this group of girls on one moped.

The day started off pretty uneventful. We even came across come gauchos herding their cattle.

The rest if the day should have been pretty uneventful but it was not to be. When we got to our first gas stop, we ere missing one bike. Some fellow riders said that Stanley (mister, 'I don't like to see stuff') had pulled over the to side and waved then on. Well, we was the one that was missing and he'd pulled over quite a ways back.

Mike, the tour leader on the bike and the tour leader in the support truck with the trailer took off to find out what was going on with Stanley. Two hours later of waiting at a gas station, Mike gets back with news that Stanley's bike has a faulty fuel pump but it can be fixed tonight.

And we're off again to a late lunch stop. I don't think that we would have stopped here if we hadn't had such a long delay so this was something good that came from the wait. The lunch was tasty and at a really nice location.

We were doing good the rest of the afternoon and drove through a pretty big town, which is always interesting. At a four way intersection, there are no stop signs in either direction. It is like a big game of chicken, crazy! The driving is crazy as well. If you have a bike then you just lane split, go to the front of lines and basically put your bike anywhere you want to.

We made it through there and went over this nice bridge.

Then it all went to hell. Mike thought we were farther away from our final stop than we were. He pulled up along our guide and told him he needed gas in 60 kilometers. Well, Fukundo thought he said 5 kilometers and so he was worried. We get off the bridge and passed a gas station on the other side of the road. Fuk takes off through the median, which was a pretty descent up and over. I knew this was not going to be good because some in our group did not want to attempt and they didn't so we were separated. We got to the station and Fuk came over and wanted to know how we could be using so much gas and that's when the misunderstanding became clear. He was needless to say worried. We didn't get gas and took back off. Meanwhile the others had turned around at a legit turnaround and were seen going in the other direction. Fuk went back across the median to get them. We waited a while and we were soon reunited.

Drama needless to say. Poor Fuk, we felt terrible. It is his first tour with Ayres and he gets this group of crazy tourists. He's a nice young kid and I'd hate for him to get in trouble for trying to look out for us.

Anyway, it turns out that Stanley's bike was just out of gas. The gauge was broken and so he had not gotten gas on the entire trip because it kept saying he didn't ned any. I guess he never stopped to think about how far he'd ridden on one tank of gas. Let's hope that tomorrow is a lot smoother day and everyone knows when they do and don't need gas.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying the postings. Be good to the guide tomorrow.

Love ya,
Mom and Dad