Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Were On A Missiones!!!

We left out this morning and it wasn't too hot, but it more than made up for it later. We've been told that the first three riding days were not so good, and today was not the best. We rode on a straight road with not too much to look at. I took some shots of the local scenery.

We stopped for lunch and not too many people even ate since we'd left the hotel late this morning and some had a late breakfast.

After lunch we stopped at some ruins of a Mission. There is this funny older man on the trip and he said he'd stay with the bikes because "he doesn't like to see stuff". It was hotter than heck walking around outside looking at the ruins wearing our riding gear. But we toughed it out because we'll probably only be here once. This place was pretty interesting.

Notice the other columns behind the tree??? Well, there used to be a column where the tree is now. Or rather, there still is a column where the tree is, the tree grew around the column.

This is Anna. She was at the place where we parked our bikes at the Mission. She is 8. Mike had the good idea to bring bubble gum to give to the kids we see along the way. She enjoyed her gum, but I think she swallowed it. Very sweet girl.

Then it was off to Posadas. A fellow rider described it as an 'armpit city'. The traffic was interesting.

The hotel is less than desirable. There is very little hot water and it comes with hardly any pressure. Mike and I did walk around town a bit and it's not too bad. We each got an ice cream cone with one scoop each for 5 pesos, or about $1.25 for both. It looks like that will be our afternoon treat. You can't beat that price.

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